Dogtown and Z-Boys

Rated 4.0 Stacy Peralta was one of the young punk lions who adapted surf aesthetics (low-slung stance, hands often touching the ground) to and helped midwife the rebirth of skateboarding after its meteoric rise and demise in the 1960s. His nostalgic, panoramic and self-reverential documentary covers several milestones in skateboarding history (such as the advent of air-borne acrobatics). It also paints a vivid portrait of a place, time and tribal gathering where environment, attitude, innovation, athleticism and emphasis on style spawned an accidental revolution of sorts. Dogtown refers to the beachfront corridor that stretches south from Santa Monica to Venice to Ocean Park. Z-Boys refers to the 11 male and 1 female skaters on the Zephyr Skate Team.