Do not cross

Philip Caputo tries too hard to impress in this dramatic novel about a man, Gil Castle, who travels to the Mexican-American border to recede from his past, only to embark on an adventure that teaches him that the past is ever-present. Filled with too much imagery and not enough oomph, Caputo takes readers on a journey where everyone is connected and nothing happens by chance. He uses the introduction to draw readers in, dulls out in the middle and brings the narrative back to life at the climax. But by that point, disinterested, the wisest and most well-traveled of his readers will have already moved on. Although Caputo is consistent with his plotline and talented in his writing ability, he is unable to keep readers afloat in his latest endeavor. So, pack your bags; in Crossers, all the paths intertwine, but don’t expect to be knocked off your feet.