Potty talk

After spending a little while with local Troy Keon’s photographs of bathroom graffiti from across the country, it’s easy to start feeling a little River City pride. After all, it’s right here in Sacramento that bathroom-wall scribblers transcend typical corrections of others’ spelling and grammar to write an entire dictionary entry (this is one of three entries, each worse than the last) on the word geek: “GEEK: (gçk) noun, slang. 1) a peculiar or otherwise dislikable person, esp. one who is perceived to be overly intellectual.” We hold up under scrutiny so much better than our counterparts in say, Berkeley, where bathroom graffiti includes “Bitch, you are stopid” (sic). It’s enough to raise our self-esteem, especially given how repetitive bathroom-wall writing can be. And even in those spots where the graffiti is predictably scatological and sexual, Keon has taken some intriguing photos that rise above the typical. Are your thoughts included? Better buy it and see.