Diamond in the rough

Our last issue, the thickly Best of Sacramento edition, the one we called “Multi-ethnic / Multi-cultural / Multisactual,” has become scarcer than the words “single-payer health care” here in Sacramento. You Sacto potheads will be psyched to know the massive pick-up rate for our August 23 Pot Issue makes it the current champion, but anecdotal evidence suggests Best of Sacramento will likely surpass it.

But with every reason to celebrate and slap our own backs and jack up our ad rates comes a dark cloud. It seems that the very same culture differences that make Sacramento tick have produced a huge misunderstanding in the case of Diamond Bridal Gallery, which we deemed “Best place to shop for a princess.” The Ukrainian woman who runs the Granite Bay gallery had told our reporter that her business strives to make the future brides who shop there feel like “princesses.” But because we placed her write-up in the Sex & Love section, and because that section not only covered the love side (dance lessons, romantic restaurants, spa pampering) but the sex side (meat markets, airport cruising, ginormous blue dildos), the proprietor mistook “Best place to shop for a princess” to mean that’s where one goes to buy an actual female person.

It was bad enough that the shop owner felt badly, but then she had to drag in her public relations company, which is talking about legal action if we do not correct this matter, run an apology in this Editor’s Note and, oh, they’d also like a free advertisement.

So here it goes: I’m the editor, not the advertising director, so a free ad will have to be taken up with someone else. Despite what we reported, Diamond Bridal Gallery IS NOT the best place to shop for a princess. And I would like to personally apologize for Diamond Bridal Gallery of Granite Bay even appearing in our Best of Sacramento issue that highlights the best people, places and things in Sacramento. In fact, I will do everything in my power to keep Diamond Bridal Gallery out of future Best of Sacramento issues—unless they want to buy an ad, which they’ll have to take up with someone else who has no doubt explained the rates by now.

Hope none of this gets lost in translation.