Club 916, 5 p.m., $12

My first introduction to D.I. was the raucous club scene in the cult movie Suburbia. If there was ever a movie to capture the aesthetic of the punk movement at its core, this was it. “Richard Hung Himself” was D.I.’s contribution, and it indelibly left a boot print in both our mind and our aural senses. Vocalist Casey Royer and his ever-changing cast of characters have been together since 1982., and While the band’s music has also morphed considerably, true D.I. fans need only get a glimpse of Royer in action to reclaim their punk roots. With Fang, the Hybrid Creeps, Toxic Holocaust, the Scowndrolls, the Snot-Cocks and Drastic Actions. 5525 Auburn Boulevard, www.myspace.com/diunderground.