Rated 3.0

The only thing more remarkable than Hollywood studios still wanting to make a movie with M. Night Shyamalan is that they actually want to make three movies with The Sixth Sense au-turd. First Paramount Pictures tapped him to shepherd the Nickelodeon cartoon series The Last Airbender to the screen, although an unwatchable first edition probably put the kibosh on that notion. Now Universal has hired Shyamalan to produce The Night Chronicles, a three-film series centered around—you’ll never guess!—the same old supernatural bullshit. On the plus side, Devil director John Erick Dowdle doesn’t share his boss’s laughable inability to either direct actors or develop a scene beyond the master shot, and he delivers a trifling but bluntly effective film. Five unconnected strangers get trapped in a high-rise elevator as an unseen force starts picking them off one by one.