December art picks by Shoka

“Illumination #79” by Joseph Bellacerra, oil and resin on panel, 2007.

“Illumination #79” by Joseph Bellacerra, oil and resin on panel, 2007.

Where: Solomon Dubnick Gallery, 720 Rhodin Way; (916) 444-3868; Hours: Wednesday through Saturday, noon-5 p.m.
Second Saturday reception: December 11, 1-5 p.m. Through December 31.

Solomon Dubnick Gallery

1021 R St.
Sacramento, CA 95811

(916) 444-3868

Each December, many of the art galleries across town have their elves—er, artists—whip up smaller, more affordable pieces of art. It’s a good opportunity for gifting or growing one’s art collection. Galleries taking this approach include the Art Foundry Gallery (1021 R Street), Artistic Edge (1880 Fulton Avenue), Chroma Gallery (10030 Fair Oaks Boulevard), Gallery 14 (3960 60th Street), JayJay (5520 Elvas Avenue), Sacramento Temporary Contemporary Gallery (1616 Del Paso Boulevard) and Vox Sacramento (1726 11th Street).

Also taking this approach is Solomon Dubnick Gallery, who has a long tradition of showing Small Treasures in December. However, SDG has a new owner, Robert Andersen, former art director of the Art Foundry. He’s moved the gallery away from the “Midtown party atmosphere” in its recently established location on 25th Street to 720 Rhodin Way, between R and S streets downtown.

“A lot of collectors don’t like to drive at night,” Andersen explained, so he’ll be doing Second Saturday events differently. “A 12 to 2 [p.m.] brunch thing,” and reception from 1 to 5 p.m., according to the website.

The new space is in the same building as Pamela Skinner/Gwenna Howard Contemporary Art, and is a few blocks away from the new Verge Center for the Arts and the Art Foundry. With the closure of 20th Street Art Gallery in October, who knows? Downtown may steal the crown from the J and 20th streets area as Sac’s new fine-art hub.