Deadpool 2

Rated 1.0

More snot-nosed nihilism and fangless comic book meta-commentary from Marvel’s unkillable “merc with a mouth,” once again played by Ryan Reynolds as a homicidal rape-joke comedian. With original Deadpool director Tim Miller off working on yet another Terminator reboot, Atomic Blonde director and former stunt coordinator David Leitch takes over for the sequel, but the film doesn’t feel any less sloppy, desperate and stupid for his participation. The plot sees Deadpool trying to protect a mutant child from sexual predators while delivering a nonstop string of one-liners about child molestation, before finally sodomizing the villain to death. Disconnected pop culture references pass for humor, as though the mere mention of dubstep, LinkedIn, gluten, Justin Bieber, Sharknado, the McRib or any other recognizable proper noun or pop culture buzzword was sufficiently hilarious. True to form, the film calls out its own lazy writing, which is probably the laziest writing of all.