Breaking In

Rated 2.0

When her estranged, cryptically criminal father dies, a woman (Gabrielle Union) takes her children (Ajiona Alexis, Seth Carr) out to his secluded summer home to prepare it for selling. Little do they know that the scumbags who killed the old man (Billy Burke, Richard Cabral, Levi Meaden, Mark Furze) are heading there to steal his $4 million stash—and they don’t want witnesses. Writer Ryan Engle and director James McTeigue celebrate Mother’s Day with a tribute to the fighting spirit of protective moms everywhere, prepared to brave any danger, pay any price, and purvey any cliché to ensure the safety of their offspring. Action hero may not be what Union does best, but her versatility stands her in good enough stead; here’s hoping this potboiler makes enough money to bring her vehicles more worthy of her.