Rated 2.0

In a near-future world of rampant vampirism, humanity is an endangered species. Thing is, that’s a problem for the vampires, too, as it means they’re running out of food. A devoted hematologist played by Ethan Hawke may be onto a cure, but there will be obstacles. Writer-directors Michael and Peter Spierig have a clever concept here, but their clunky storytelling only manages to squander it. Their dreary, self-serious movie expends much energy elaborating the quotidian minutiae of a vampire-populated world but not nearly enough thinking through plot logic or character. Among the bloodsuckers, Sam Neill is on hand as a bland corporate baddie, and Willem Dafoe as a rebellious human holdout. The latter at least tries to lead his castmates by example of campy comedy, but nobody else seems to want to play. Of course, given a milieu in which not having a pulse actually becomes a production value, who can blame them?