Dark Blue

Rated 3.0 It’s April 1992 in Los Angeles. The upcoming verdict in the infamous Rodney King beating case has the Los Angeles Police Department on the ropes and the entire city on edge. With racial tension smoldering close to flash point, a black man and a white man rob a mom and pop store in Koreatown and kill four people. The case appears to be just another typical shoot and loot until elite cop unit detectives (Kurt Russell and Scott Speedman) are assigned to investigate as their white boss (Brendan Gleeson) and the city’s black assistant police chief (Ving Rhames) butt heads amid a law-enforcement and judicial system teeming with corruption and bigotry. Ron Shelton directs a mostly gripping tale of men who try to wrest themselves from a cycle of violence passed down from generation to generation in the name of expedient justice for us all. M.H.