Cypress Hill

Live at the Fillmore


Cypress Hill has been in a bit of a slump since its sophomore effort, Black Sunday. Stuck in a rut of violent slangsterism and greatly diminished by the frequent absence of Sen Dog, these hip-hop assassins have languished in a soulless mire. However, the release of last year’s Skull and Bones and now this live recording serve notice that not only is Cypress Hill back, but it’s much improved. The biggest boost is provided by the return of Sen Dog, the freaky Cuban who injects venom into the classic cut “Real Estate,” then infuses B Real’s “Lick a Shot” with manic intensity. Also charging up the group is a part-time electrified lineup, à la Bodycount. While the funky thrash guitars won’t make anyone forget about Sepultura, the wah-wah pedal on “A to the K” gives the Cypress cut a new feeling—kind of like baking with brownies instead of the bong.