Crocker Eco-museum?

Ten on the brain.

Ten on the brain.

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Here in Sacramento, where our mayor has embraced, in that inimitable K.J. way, both the arts and the green movement, it is perhaps fitting that the grand opening of the Crocker Museum’s new wing and the notion of a Global Work Day advanced by eco-activists will coincide on 10/10/10. Fitting—and a challenge to the calendar.

Anyhoo, as noted in SN&R recently, Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates will provide bicycle valet parking at the Crocker opening, which is charming: The form of transportation that takes the least parking space gets the best service possible. May Sacramento tip mightily.

But it begs another question: How green is the Crocker? Anybody know? Is it a green building? Light green? Earth-tone brown? Aunt Ruth found nothing on the website.

No matter. Aunt Ruth is ardently supportive and will not snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Open that beautiful new building and celebrate the day, and a glorious day it will be. But, as a gentle aside and as time allows, Aunt Ruth hopes that the Crocker won’t shy away from honking whatever horn they’ve got about the building’s green virtues. Heck, send ’em to Aunt Ruth and she’ll honk for you. If you’re a little lacking—well, there’s always a world of other things you can do.

Witness the work list suggested by for 10/10/10: plant trees, install solar panels or an organic garden, reward employees who bike to work, install LED or CFL light bulbs, make recycling prominent throughout.

Sigh. Art and politics—oil and water, night and day. Why is it so?

Why is it so hard for that human activity that makes life worth living—no, not going to long Sierra Club meetings, dear; Auntie Ruth is referring to the arts—stand at such a nervous distance from the political movement that, increasingly, is the environmental movement? Bad folk music, largely. May the Crocker sing an aria or two.