Cradle of Filth


Cross Enya with Rob Zombie, and add a dash of Marilyn Manson and a pinch of Trent Reznor, and what do you get? Cradle of Filth’s new album Nymphetamine. It’s no joke. Squawking poetic lyrics, blistering guitar, mind-melting synthesizer and knuckle-breaking drums all pull together to make Nymphetamine one of the band’s best albums. With the aid of Liv Kristine, vocalist for Leaves’ Eyes, the title track is a strangely awesome mix of screaming and singing. It goes against the grain of the straightforward, hardcore screaming on the band’s former albums and takes a more operatic approach to black metal. If you’re looking for a nice, mellow sound to catch a quick nap to, this is not it. However, this is an album that any metalhead with a taste for the black arts will be able to rock out to for hours on end.