Country music is no joke to Bobby Bones

Bobby Bones: Funny and Alone, Friday, February 10

Country music has long been a pop-making machine. But it wasn’t until recently that singers—Taylor Swift for one—looked and dressed like mainstream pop stars. Some of this shift can be attributed to country music deejay Bobby Bones (pictured), who hosts the most popular nationally syndicated country music show in the nation, The Bobby Bones Show on iHeartMedia. He’s considered the Ryan Seacrest of country music because he’s seemingly everywhere—not to mention he can single-handedly make a song hit the charts. But Bones isn’t a city slicker, country poseur. He grew up in a poor, rural Arkansas trailer park and slowly worked his way up the ranks of local radio. He’s currently on his nationwide Funny and Alone comedy tour, which stops at the Crest Theatre on Friday, February 10. Tickets cost $25.50-$50.50.

Bones has dabbled in stand-up since he was 19—his witty on-air banter attests to that. But in addition to jokes, there will also be stories about his childhood in Arkansas and behind-the-scenes glimpses from his life as a radio deejay. He might pull out a guitar and play a couple of silly songs, too. 8 p.m. Friday, February 10, at the Crest Theatre, 1013 K Street;