Because, nudity

Mondo Visions

Local filmmaker Jason Rudy will premiere his 11th film on October 13. Let that sink in a moment. Eleven films! Even Quentin Tarantino hasn’t made that many. But then again, Tarantino’s high budget ’70s camp homage is not the kind of filmmaking Rudy does. His idols are guys like Roger Corman and Russ Meyer, who, back in the day, churned out delightfully fun B movies.

It’s surprising he isn’t more well-known around town. Over the years he’s made some excellent films, weaving through the various ’60s and ’70s drive-in film genres with grace and precision. His Mondo Sacramento films—tributes to the ’70s Mondo craze (a sort of predecessor to reality TV) tell some of Sacramento’s most bizarre true-crime stories in the campiest way possible.

The latest, Mondo Visions, is in the style of a “nudie-cutie,” a style of exploitation film from the ’60s that had plenty of nudity—for no apparent logical reason other than to have nudity. Meyer was the master of this genre. Rudy’s Mondo Visions should please Meyer fans. Or just fans of naked ladies. This particular movie was inspired specifically by Meyer’s classic Mondo Topless.

The event will include a screening of Rudy’s short film Simone: Le Femmes Demon. $10, 7 p.m. Thursday, October 13; Public House Theater, 5440 14th Avenue; (916) 662-7262;