Counting blessings

In dark times, look for the light

Thanksgiving—this very American holiday—reminds us to be grateful for our blessings, big and small.

That can be difficult in times like these, when we may feel overwhelmed with mass shootings, political divisions, etc.

But in dark times, it's even more important to look for the light—reasons for hope and for thanks. SN&R asked six community leaders to write about what they're most thankful for—to share some of their light.

Sacramento City Councilwoman Angelique Ashby says that focusing on gratitude gets you through life's challenges.

Lisa Bates, CEO of Sacramento Steps Forward, writes that she finds inspiration in the homeless people her nonprofit helps.

Rev. Alan Jones, pastor at St. Mark's United Methodist Church in Sacramento, writes that just saying “thank you” can be powerful.

Kimberly Key, CEO of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Sacramento, is thankful that families share their kids to have their futures shaped.

Khaim Morton, the Sacramento Metro Chamber's vice president of public policy and economic development, says he's grateful for his time to learn and for the growing spirit of collaboration in the region.

And Blake Young, CEO of Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services, says he is reminded how blessed he is by the people who come through his doors.