Corrections program invites community to weigh in on realignment budget

For the first time, Sacramento’s Community Corrections Partnership solicits input for how to spend $35 million

Realignment realigned

Two years and roughly $50 million later, a Sacramento County partnership with the word “community” in its name is finally asking for community input.

The Community Corrections Partnership, charged with steering local realignment efforts and lowering recidivism, has come under increased scrutiny for pouring too much state money into old-world incarceration policies and not enough into community programs with better recidivism results.

Since an SN&R investigation published in April (see “Prisons, realignment and the California rehab racket,” SN&R Feature Story, April 4) the CCP began changing its modus operandi. It surrendered final budget authority to the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors and released a breakdown identifying needed service gaps for its re-entering offender population.

And on June 6, in the board of supervisors chambers, the CCP was scheduled to invite Sacramento community groups and nonprofits to weigh in as it considers how to spend the roughly $35 million coming its way from the state.

While the CCP has allowed for public comment in previous meetings, this is the first time it's actively soliciting such input.