Cop Out

Rated 2.0

Two Brooklyn cops (Bruce Willis, Tracy Morgan) investigate a series of gang murders; at the same time, one of them (Willis) is trying to find a stolen collectible baseball card to pay for his daughter’s wedding, while the other (Morgan) worries that his wife is cheating on him. The title, unfortunately, is all too appropriate, as Robb and Mark Cullen’s script recycles nearly every cliché of the odd-couple cop-buddy genre, with Morgan as a road-company Eddie Murphy and Willis as a clean-shaven, clear-eyed Nick Nolte. Kevin Smith directs with the profane zest that has become his stock-in-trade (he’s come a long way from Clerks and Dogma, but in which direction?). Everyone (including Seann William Scott as a motormouthed cat burglar) seems to be having a pretty good time, and some of the fun rubs off.