Club fed

illustration By mark stivers

There are dinner clubs popping up all over the place where people get together regularly to share a meal. In fact, The Kitchen Table Cooking Club, based in Folsom, inspired a new book. The recently released Cooking Club: Great Ideas & Delicious Recipes for Fabulous Get-togethers (Sasquatch Books) is full of a great variety of recipes. Authors Dina Guillen and Michelle Lowrey also interview clubs around the country to find out how they started their club and what they cook. Some specialize in a cuisine, a cooking style or base their meals on ingredient ideas drawn from a hat (like my group is doing this year). It’s cheaper than hosting a party at a restaurant, and it gives you an excuse to cook new things. Just get a group of like-minded friends together and agree on a few terms (who hosts, who buys, who brings the drinks), then set a date.