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CK McClatchy High School Marching Band

CK McClatchy High School Marching Band

CK McClatchy High School Marching Band
Conducted by David Yamamoto

The McClatchy High School music program has been a part of the school since its inception in 1936. McClatchy is known for its well-rounded comprehensive music programming, including choral, orchestral and band. Teacher and conductor David Yamamoto believes that, for many students, music is the glue that keeps them interested in staying in school. He is motivated by helping the students perform consistently to the best of their abilities. Though McClatchy’s music program funding was cut last year, the music boosters are currently “picking up the slack.”

Iris Kan

Baritone Horn: Rose Levenson-Palmer, Clarinet: Sarah Coonley, Yvette Ferreira, Julian Gutierrez, Molly Honea, Matthew Kwong, Thu Le, Timothy Mori, Alisa Silver, Victor Steiner, Mykesha Sutton, Tam Truong, William Walker, Bass Clarinet: Kayla Barnes, Amanda Phillips (Sloan-Barrios), Color Guard: Bernadette Baron, Adriana Degorgio, Sara Little, Leah Panneton, Cassie Recendez, Nickolas Resendez, Elina Solozaro, Joseph Welch, Drum Major: Lillian Baird, Burke Spaulding, Flute: Jeff Carter, Roxanne Copeland, Amanda Doyle, Jennifer Lau, Yeng Lee, Beylin Lopez, Shalimar(Cami) Martinez, Rachel Menz, Kristina Metcalf, Nikki Nakagaki, Angel Ramirez, Sarah Reinheimer, Megan Shearer, Mellophone: Taylor Haugland, Percussion: Matthew Beard, Amanda Best, Jeff Bullock, Martin Garay, Carlos Gonzales, Andrew Guthrie, Lauren Jong, Mark Kashtan, Angel Landeros, Jonathan Lee, Ian Mcdonald, Mikhail Mikhaylevskiy, Jessica Montanez, Peter Placencia, Alice Popejoy, Lisa Reed, Allison Ward, David Weiss, Lindsey Yamazaki, Alto Sax: Joseph Baldridge, Daniel Lightstone, David Mori, Linda Rodriguez, Deshaw Smith, Baritone Sax: Michael Glick, Tenor Sax: Danny Lai, John Rivera, Trumpet: Paul Abrahams, Alex Amaya, Katelyn Jones, Kristen Kammeier, Holly Minder, Nicanor Rocha, Trombone: Ben Steiner, Sousaphone: Roger Sloan-Barrios

Iris Kan – Cello soloist
John F Kennedy High School

Iris began her musical studies with the piano at the age of eight and was introduced to cello at ten. The 16-year-old cellist is a sophomore at John F. Kennedy High School in Sacramento. She is an honor roll student and has been awarded music scholarships from the Sacramento Symphony League twice. She was also selected to perform at the Crocker Art Museum by the California Association of Professional Music Teachers. She has played with several different school orchestras and now performs with the SYS Premier Orchestra. One of Iris’s favorite performances was the concert SYS performed in Manaus, Brazil in the famous Teatro de Manaus. “Listening to pieces I love always reminds me of how much effort a musician must put in, in order to make such beautiful music. Music has the ability to heal and is an international language. Through music, I have had the opportunity to meet many others like me who have a deep love for classical music and who are dedicated to art.”

Solano County Youth Orchestra

Solano County Youth Orchestra
Conducted by Dr. Teri Yumae, Co-conductor, John Hansen

The Solano County Youth Orchestra is now in its twelfth season offering youth in the greater Solano County Area a quality orchestral experience. The Youth Orchestra follows the examples of all quality youth orchestras in offering traditional orchestral training, and appropriate orchestral music for serious student/musicians grades elementary through high school and college. The 2003-2004 Youth Orchestra numbers nearly 80, including students from grades first through twelfth, plus about six students from Solano Community College. John H. Hansen, a retired Music Supervisor/Band Director from Massachusetts and Dr. Teri Yumae, currently on the faculty at Solano College, are co-conductors. According to Conductor Hansen, “music has made them better people.”

Violin I: Rebecca Call +, Andrew Banta, Joseph Knopp, Daniel Lee, Kiura Riggs, Amy Serrano, Makenzie Spillner, James Tatti, Violin II: Catherine Lazzaro*, Michelle Accurso, Krisha Agatep, Richard Chang, Rachel Jenks, Erica Kim, Hannah Lee, Bethany Serrano, Thor Stensrud, Dennise Tolentino, Viola: Maxine Howard*, Dominic Lazzaro, Cello: Jessica Egana, Jordan Nichols, Bass: George K. Burton, Jr.*, Will Clark, Derek Nichols, Shanthi Siva, Flute: Janani Siva**, Heather Wisswell**, Teresita Doñan, Casey Ellis, Zachary Eustaquio, Kristin Hosfelt, Sarah Putney, Victoria Zehm, Oboe: Ayame Newman*, Marianne Olson, Clarinet: Abhik Banerjee*, Alex Brown, Andrew Doyle, Mario Flores, Autumn Martinelli, Christian Yoo, Bass Clarinet: Samantha Dillon, Bassoon: Doré Deffebaugh*, Anna Larsen, Tenor Sax: Jeffery Proctor, Baritone Sax: Kevin Ohlin, French Horn: Jacy Burroughs*, Emily Burch, Jessica Hosfelt, Trumpet: Donald Henrich*, Kathleen Hall, Aki Ross, Alan Sevier, Trombone: Zachariah D. Friesen**, Gary Olkowski**, Andrew Anseth, Emma Dhesi, William Ericson, Adam Korynta, Tuba: Nick Travaglini, Timpani: Riley Watkins, Percussion: Devin Dhesi, Joshua Wisswell

Granite Bay Madrigal Choir

*Principal **Co-principal +Concert Master  

Granite Bay High School Madrigal Choir
Director – Jennifer Leighton

Granite Bay High School, as well as the Madrigal Choir, are in their eighth year. The choir performs almost 100% a cappella music, concentrating on music from the Renaissance through contemporary. The group includes 10th through 12th graders who are drawn from four choirs on campus. Last April, they won the “Best Over-all Performance” in a competition at the College of Staten Island in New York. Director Leighton states that “music has changed my students’ lives. The choral group has allowed each of them a chance to form lasting friendships and an opportunity to spend time together in a safe environment.” She and her students share a love for the “dramatic.” According to Leighton, “a great performance should always include a song that is exceptionally challenging for the ensemble.” Leighton, lamenting the 10% cut in her program budget this year, said “we live in a society that appreciates the arts, but will never value it until it feeds the API score…however, my students humble and inspire me daily, they are incredibly talented, energetic, enthusiastic, entertaining, hard-working and caring.”

Davis High School Symphonic Band

Soprano: Kristin Bowen, Karen Bowns, Annie Patterson, Claire Ranger, Jaclyn Shipley, Elizabeth Smock, Ashton Sturges, Mary Ann Thornton, Alto: Ashton Heath, Ashley King, Mandi Moyer, Melissa Pistone, Leah Raposa, Leanne Stanley, Tenor: Adam Hill, David Houghton, Tom Louis, Bass: David Goldscheid, Nate Nielebeck, Anthony Peters, Thomas Pfingston, Jeff Pitel, Corey Wilson

Davis High School Symphonic Band
Conducted by Fredrick Lange

For the past eighteen years, the Davis High School Band program under Fredrick Lange has become a source of pride for the school. Enrollment has gone from a total of 9 students in 1985 to over 170 students today. Performance expectations have resulted in “Superior-Plus” ratings in California Music Educators Association festivals for the past 18 years. The Symphonic Band has twice been chosen to perform at the prestigious Western International Band Clinic. They recently appeared in the Regional Band Festival of the Southern California School Band and Orchestra Association which featured the “Best of the Best” in bands. Both appearances earned them “Superior-Plus” ratings. From the very beginning of his tenure at Davis High, Lange has been blessed with an incredibly dedicated group of parent boosters. Working on the philosophy that you work not so much from where you are, but toward where you want to be, Lange constantly expects his students to perform beyond what they perceive their abilities to be.

Christine Hsii

Piccolo: Shauna Durbin, Padraic Wheeler, Flute: Nicole Albertson, Julia Beegle, Yoo Ree Chang, Shauna Durbin, Aaron Feldstein, Jessica Gould, Andrew Hahn, Katherine Laumas, Lindsay Madison, Jenny Reuter, Kimberly Shaffer, Kristina Thornhill, Padraic Wheeler, Clarinet: Brooke Agee, Isaac Aldous, Jaynie Healey, Tracy Kelsch, David Liu, Margot Mansfield, Jessica Munn, David Rose, Alexa Shapiro, Chloe Stemler, Serena Yang, Kristy Zhang, Oboe: Molly Scott, Andrew Zimmerman, Bass Clarinet: Valerie Gerriets, Shirley Rosenberg, Contrabass Clarinet: Alex Johns, Alto Saxophone: Krista Dunham, Kai Jung, Megan O’Connor, Hilary Philipps, Jesse Smith, Tom Sprankling, Tenor Saxophone: Chris Clark, Sean Conte, Adam Wong, Baritone Saxophone: Alex Theg, Evan Wilson, Horn: Olin Hannum, Lindsay Johanssen, Max Mealy, Julie Stephens, Trumpet: Brian Bistolfo, Mark Carpenter, David Dai, Benjamin Duarte, Anna Jelks, Emily Lawyer, Jesse Phillips, Steve Rose, Jimmie Stevens, Brett Wallender, Baritone Horn: Baron Chen, Trombone: Billy Ferguson, Stephen McPhee, Grace Pettygrove, Daniel Rundle, Tuba: Ben Johnson, Andrew Levin, Jeff Sorensen, Percussion: Greg Bostock, Chris Clark, Ruthie Musker, Jake Newcomb, Graham Roggli, Kevin Sundstrom  

Christine Hsii – Piano soloist
Rio Americano High School

Born in Cleveland, Christine Hsii began studying piano at the age of four. Now sixteen and a junior at Rio Americano High School, she has performed as both solo pianist and chamber musician. Christine played two piano concertos with the Sacramento Youth Symphony and is a two-time winner of the concerto competition. She also played in an All-Chopin Concert at California State University Sacramento and, in 2001 and 2002, was a prize- winner at the US Open Music Competition in Oakland. She studies and plays the violin as well, and has been a member of the Sacramento Youth Symphony Premier Orchestra since the sixth grade. Christine says, “looking into the future and realizing that one day my hard work will pay off drives me to become a better musician. Since I love music, I want to strive to be more accomplished and well-rounded. Music has made me look at life from a different perspective and has given me the opportunity to play for others that might need the comfort or inspiration.”  

Ariana Uriz

Ariana Uriz – Soprano soloist
Visual and Performing Arts Charter School

Ariana is a senior at VAPAC Charter where she is a member of the touring jazz/madrigal choir, Starmakers, and the advanced actor’s workshop. Ariana has been in choir nearly all her life and began studying voice at the age of eleven at the Pease Conservatory. She currently studies with Dr. Lynn Stradley at CSUS, where she is also a singer in the opera program. Ariana states, “I have always wanted to be a singer…I just sing all the time. Music is constantly going through my head.” Music has given her the opportunity to meet many talented people and has been the source of great inspiration. “I am hoping that someday all my hard work will pay off and maybe I will become a professional opera singer.”

Accompanist: Meagan Kilpatrick

Sacramento Youth Chorus

Sacramento Youth Chorus
Conducted by Dorla Menmuir

In October 2002, Donald Kendrick and the Sacramento Choral Society & Orchestra established a new and exciting branch of its vibrant choral family, the Sacramento Youth Chorus, a mixed choir ensemble for youth ages 15-21. Dorla Menmuir is the inaugural director. Now in its second season, members in the chorus come from more than eight different high schools in the Sacramento region. They made their formal debut on stage with Donald Kendrick and the SCSO in December 2002 at Memorial Auditorium. One of the members of the chorus writes, “music provides an outlet from reality and its tribulations. It is within lyrical verse that I can find peace of mind and stability to attain success.” Another writes, “music has gotten me through some of the toughest times in my life.” Conductor Menmuir believes that “a great performance takes place when performers possessing great technical ability allow their souls to vibrate so truly and so intensely with the emotional intention of the composer that sympathetic vibrations are set up within the soul of the listener.”

Soprano: Nina Bolyshkanov, Rebecca Croft, Melissa Currier, Natalie Geeter, Alicia Guerra, Christy Humphrey, Allison Johansen, Kaitlin Johansen, Hailey Kopf, Maia Munoz, Molly Roza, Grace Schmenk, Gretchen Stevens, Jessica Wilkening, Liz Wilson, Alto: Jillian Deneen, Megan Dunn, Rachel Haynes, Allison Schoenfeld, Jillian Van Tassell, Faythe Vollrath, Aerial Woody, Bass: Brenton Blakesley, Ben Petrillo, Aaron Phipps, Jeff Pitel, Michael Croom, Tenor: Ryan Allen, Max Fisher, Matt Gray, Aaron Kelley, Kevin Long, Connor Lynch, Tenor Bass: Justin Bosserman, Accompanist: Diana Murray Tudsbury  

Sacramento Youth Symphony

Sacramento Youth Symphony
Conducted by Michael Neumann

The Sacramento Youth Symphony is in its 48th season of advancing the skills of promising young musicians through study, rehearsals, and quality performances of instrumental music throughout the community, enabling them to reach their highest potential. The Premier Orchestra, participating in this evening’s concert, is the top performing orchestra and is comprised of musicians from as far away as Nevada City, Colusa, Vacaville and Stockton. Though the Symphony is feeling the cuts from a variety of funding sources, Conductor Neumann says, “music continually breathes life into us, continues to inspire us and continues to nurture the soul. It is an international language, crossing cultural barriers and healing the heart. Ultimately we have to do what we can to heal this world. We do this one step at a time, thinking globally, acting locally.”

1st Violin: George Hayes +, Audrey M. M. Arai, Benjamin Isaac Bryce, Shaunay Cotton, Lucy H. Fitz Gibbon, Raymond P. Gao, Kelley Harris, Cynthia X. He, Christine Chia-In Hsii, Young Lee, Huan (Wendy) Lei, Anna Xu, Olga Zhilovskiy, 2nd Violin: Annamarie M. Arai, Valerie D. Boogaard, Eunah Cho, Anagha Deshmane, Grace Hermle, Devin R. Kelly, Grace Kim, Joseph Kim, Evan Krejci, Anna A. Polyakov, Emily A. White, Sarah Yoon, Viola: Caroline Bishop, Jason Cho, Jenae Cohn, Guiliana Conti, Amber Dayton, Alma Hseih Playle, Cello: Xander J. Ashton, Susanna Ferguson, Elaine R. Fitz Gibbon, James Jaffe, Iris Kan, Michael Leung, Samuel Moniz, Pete J. Palmere, Kate L. Pearl, Bethany C. Riordan, Sharon Taylor, Bass Viola: Bryce Holmes, Larry E. Kelly, Christine Wang, 1st Flute: Monica Barr, Erin Dayton, 2nd Flute: Caitlin E. Roddy, Ourhay Shamoon, 1st Oboe: Keith K. Lui, Taylor M Owings, 2nd Oboe: David Goldscheid, Sami Lovisa Oliveira, 1st Clarinet: Christopher S. Bartlett, Jimmy J. Bertrand, 2nd Clarinet: Stephen Weiner, Bassoon: Evan Schladow, Kevin Smith, Contra Bassoon: Maryll Goldsmith, French Horn: Elena M. Plummer-Raphael, Kayla Schwoerer, Ellen A. Skow, Erin Yardley, Trumpet: Justin T. Au, Casey L. Hoehn, Michael Vincent Olson, Trombone: Rudi P. Hoehn, Tuba: Andrew T. Levin, Percussion: Michael Boertje, Todd Christopher Montemayor, Ruthy Ann Riley

+Concert Master