Cirque du Soleil: Journey of Man

Rated 4.0 IMAX 3-D invites you to reawaken your inner child for 38 minutes as it transforms the French-Canadian performance troupe’s circus and dance acts into a vivid, sensation-saturated dream. Mankind in the form of a boy in an ill-fitting white bodysuit emerges in a smoke-pocketed cave amid pounding neo-primitive drummers and guides us through six allegorical phases of life. Nevermind the cheesy New Age-speak that doubles as contrived plot in which we are told that anything is possible with dreams, faith and love. Hallucinatory underwater and aerial ballets, the gravity-defying body mechanics of a male and a female statue that come to life on an idyllic pond’s lily pad, and a crew of vagabond tumblers are just part of the wondrous treats here.