Chow 2004

SN&R’s 9th Annual Guide to the Finest in Sacramento Dining

People often list among Sacramento’s merits its proximity to so many other places worth visiting. But when it comes to food, Sacramentans needn’t flee the valley to enjoy the culinary delights of other regions and even other nations.

Sacramento’s status as the most diverse city in the nation is evident in its medley of restaurant options. Many international cuisines—such as Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Mexican and Thai—established a foothold in the Sacramento dining scene years ago. Countries that we once encountered only in the international pages of the daily newspaper are suddenly open for us to explore on a new, sensory level. Afghan, Ethiopian, Nicaraguan, Lebanese, Czech and Vietnamese cuisine are now all readily available in Sacramento.

Of course, home is still where the heart is, and there is no shortage of restaurants serving heaps of those truly American standards—greasy hamburgers, decadent desserts, barbecued ribs and fresh salads.

So put away your roadmap, stay local and, with SN&R’s Ninth Annual Chow Guide as your official tour book, let your taste buds do some globetrotting.

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