Rated 3.0

One of my first SN&R reviews was a vehement pan of the 2004 “erotic” French film Nathalie, and one of my most recent reviews was a dismissal of Atom Egoyan’s pedantic yawner Adoration. How nice, then, to see two such irrelevant entities—French cinema and Atom Egoyan—dovetail with the release of Chloe, Egoyan’s mediocre Nathalie remake. Egoyan’s version actually improves upon the cement-shoed original, jazzing up the Red Shoe Diaries-lite proceedings with Hitchcockian flair and a sweet makeout scene between Julianne Moore and Amanda Seyfried. Moore plays the suspicious wife to Liam Neeson’s possibly straying college professor, so she hires stripper Seyfried to seduce her husband and report back. Their relationship mutates (and deepens) when the comely Seyfried actually does sleep with Neeson, and Chloe becomes a meditation on the gray area between exploitation and seduction.