Champagne pong

In my experience, drinking games are dominated by young men seeking to channel the competitive instincts carried over from their high school sporting career—making the contests fairly unenjoyable for anybody outside of that intense demographic. For a chiller, classier game, Lenise Mowry—owner of Lenise’s Cafe in West Sacramento—came up with a twist on a classic: champagne pong. Using pink balls and wide champagne flutes, Mowry said she debuted the event four months ago and its tickets sold out—all to women. For $35 (tickets can be bought at Eventbrite), each attendee gets unlimited champagne, either consumed as part of the game or on the sidelines while spectating. The winner of the tournament will win $75 cash and the runner-up will get a $50 gift certificate to the cafe. Mowry will be offering $5 happy hour appetizers like bruschetta, grilled sliders and cheese ravioli bites to ensure that guests get just tipsy enough to resurrect their college skills.