Champagne Magnum, FYI

illustration by mark stivers

Lounge on 20

1050 20th St.
Sacramento, CA 95814
Ste. 100

(916) 443-6620

The No. 1 thing I learned at the Lounge on 20 champagne and sparkling-wine tasting event was this: Champagne and Roquefort taste disgusting together. No. 2: A $270 bottle of champagne can taste remarkably similar to a $35 bottle. No. 3: Sparkling-wine purveyors have some overheated rhetoric to go with their chilly product, including such terms as “masculine” and “sexy.” It’s champagne, not Tom Selleck. No. 4: Lounge on 20 is a fun and chill place to lounge out on comfortable couches, although some shouting may be necessary. It has a noise problem, but no problem with the $5 snacks during happy hour (5-7 p.m.). I’ll be going back to try one of its 15 sparkling wines by the glass (I’m not counting the sparkling sake or the $50 glass of Dom Pérignon) and have another serving of the chicken curry spring rolls with persimmon relish.