Catch That Kid

Rated 2.0 A 12-year-old girl (Kristen Stewart) enlists the aid of her two best friends (Corbin Bleu and Max Thieriot) to rob a bank so she can pay for a lifesaving operation for her father. The script by Michael Brandt and Derek Haas (adapted from the Danish film Klatretøsen) strains credulity—to say the least—but if nothing else, it manages to work in all the obligatory heist-movie clichés. Director Bart Freundlich keeps it whipping along, though he doesn’t bother to hide how idiotic it all is, and he permits some shameless hamming by James Le Gros and Stark Sands as bumbling security guards. Stewart, a 13-year-old, has done some good supporting work (Panic Room and Cold Creek Manor), but she’s not ready for prime time; her expressionless face and monotone voice create a vacuum at the center of the movie.