You Got Served

Rated 1.0 Two pals (Omari Grandberry and Marques Houston) who lead a hip-hop dance group lose their primo status to some upstart newcomers who steal their moves—and then they have a falling out over a romance between one of them and the other’s sister (Jennifer Freeman). Written and directed by Chris Stokes, the film has the amateurish air of any number of no-budget quickies that have been cranked out to cash in on this or that latest hot thing, ever since the dawn of rock ’n’ roll: Don’t Knock the Rock, Hootenanny Hoot, you name it. They’re all justly forgotten today—and this one will be, too, before long. In the meantime, there are some pretty hot dance moves between the scenes of the by-the-numbers plot. The cast members presumably all did their own dancing—because it’s a cinch none of them can act.