Rated 3.0

Director Bennett Miller and writer Dan Futterman (adapting the book by Gerald Clarke), tell the story of writer Truman Capote covering the Kansas murders that inspired his masterpiece In Cold Blood. As Capote, Philip Seymour Hoffman gives another of those amazing performance-cum-reincarnations we’ve seen so often lately; he nails every mincing lisp and simper as Capote divides his time between New York and Kansas. Less showy but just as good are Catherine Keener as Capote’s friend, the author Harper Lee, and Chris Cooper as the chief investigator. With his book, Capote made the story about the killers. Now Miller and Futterman make it about Capote, seeing him as a tragic figure, betraying friendships for the sake of his art. All but forgotten are the Clutter family, whose grisly deaths started it all.