Rated 3.0 Vlad (Daniel Letterle) is a minority at Camp Ovation, a summer musical-theater proving ground in the Catskills for Broadway-bent adolescents: He is a white heterosexual teen boy. The handsome, friendly lad also has a streak of narcissism and a driving need to be accepted and loved. He soon becomes a pivotal corner in a romantic triangle involving the rather plain Ellen (Joanna Chilcoat) and a gay Latino named Michael (Robin De Jesus) in writer-director Todd Graff’s serio-comic valentine to confused, battered teen psyches and the actual Stagedoor Manor, whose alumni include Graff, Robert Downey Jr. and Jennifer Jason Leigh. Showbiz kids and adults bond, make self-discoveries, forge identities, hurt each other and get hurt themselves, as musical numbers inject some exhilaration and inspiration into a clunky, clichéd script and sometimes tepid acting.