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SN&R’s dank diplomat says he’s smoked more than 400 cannabis strains in the last year. Now, he lists his Top 10—and they’re all from Cali

SN&R’s dank diplomat says he’s smoked more than 400 cannabis strains in the last year. Now, he lists his Top 10—and they’re all from Cali. Pictured above: Blue Snow.

SN&R’s dank diplomat says he’s smoked more than 400 cannabis strains in the last year. Now, he lists his Top 10—and they’re all from Cali. Pictured above: Blue Snow.

Let’s jump right into it: In the last year, (I’m on the stoner calendar cycle so April 20 is the start of the year) I have smoked more than 400 different cannabis strains. There may have been some similar ones, but I definitely smoked a lot of different weeds. Thank you, Emerald Cup.

This is a list of my favorite California-grown strains this year. I didn’t include the fantastic Jager or the Sasquatch Nepalese from Vancouver. Neither will I mention the Mickey Kush from Oregon, nor an excellent Amnesia Haze I found in Barcelona. Also, the Acapulco Gold from Vashon Island near Seattle. Not gonna mention that one at all. Enough preamble. In no particular order, here are my 10 favorite cannabis strains from 2018(ish):

01. Chihuapei

Bon Vivant Farms, Mendocino County

From the producers of Chocolate Hashberry (one of my all-time faves), Chihuapei is a hybrid cross of Sour Diesel and Very Berry Kush. It has a stinky, almost skunky aroma, with a hint of fruit. Sounds weird, but it’s delicious. Plus, the buzz is hella pleasant.

02. Tahoe Nebula

Greenshock Farms, Mendocino

Must be a good year for skunky weed. Time for some math: Tahoe OG x Nebula x Ultimate Indica = magnificence. A subtle but long and kushy nose in the bag leads to a super smooth smoke that tastes like kush and pepper, with a fast-acting high that makes me want to do stuff—but not overdo stuff. There is a very credible rumor going around stating that Tahoe Nebula is the strain I am going to use to start my line of pre-rolls.

03. Blue Snow

Anonymous, Humboldt County

This rare cut was a gift from a friend that is still in the underground cannabis market. Blue Snow is a sweet and powerful strain created by mixing three old-school faves (Northern Lights, Snowcap and Blue Dream) into one great green delight. Smiles and mild couch-lock for everyone!

04. Biscotti pre-rolls

Family Farms, Sacramento

Buddy Buddy Indoor Natural’s Wild Cherry Punch hails from San Francisco.

Photos courtesy of buddy buddy indoor natural and ngaio bealum

Finding a good pre-roll is a challenge. Too many prepackaged joints these days taste like cannabis lips and hooves. However, these locally made doobies are dynamite. The smooth hit, the great cookie flavor and the clean, strong high combine to make this pre-roll a go-to for parties and picnics.

05. Strawberry Banana

Snowtill, Bay Area

Inspired by the “no-till” techniques of legendary Japanese farmer Masanobu Fukuoka, @snowtillorganics (that’s its Insta handle) grows cannabis indoors, but in a very healthy and living soil. The Strawberry Banana that I tried had clear cut flavors (strawberry on the inhale, banana on the exhale) and a really strong (seriously, really strong) “I just want to sit here with a goofy grin on my face” high. If I close my eyes, I can still taste it. Mmmmmm.

06. Wild Cherry Punch

Buddy Buddy, San Francisco

Soooo pretty. Purple highlights and a delicate cherry flavor definitely had me feeling pretty social. Wild Cherry Punch is a worthy addition to all the Cherry Pie and Purple Punch variants on the scene these days. Follow them @buddybuddyindoornatural.

07. Blue Dream

Demeter Farms, Sonoma County

Blue Dream doesn’t always get much respect. It is easy to grow, and a big yielder. (Heads up to all the novice growers: Starting with Blue Dream is a good way to build your confidence.) And you can find it just about everywhere. But a lot of the commercially grown BD is just OK. I mean, it’s serviceable, but you can’t always taste the love. However, this particular batch from Demeter Farms, grown in the biodynamic style, shows how great this strain can be. The strong blueberry flavor and the quick hitting euphoria made me fall in love with Blue Dream all over again.

08. Vanillaberry Pie

Aficionado Seeds, Mendocino

Soooooo good. Vanilla and berries, with a thick smoke and lingering aftertaste. Great for giant doobies. Makes your house smell great and makes you feel awesome and warm and happy. Listen: I know I said this list is in no particular order, but just between you, me, and the roach clip? This may be my strain of the year.

09.Double OG Chem #5 Seed

Rebel Grown, Humboldt

LOUD. As in: Stinky. Like a happy skunk moved in under your house. Like you can wash your hands but it doesn’t really help. Your hands just smell like soap and weed now. This strain came in 12th place in the Emerald Cup, but I had it way higher on my list. This one is hard to describe without using slang terms for weed. Dank. Chronic. Fire. This is a newish strain, but it tastes and feels like a classic.

10. Blues Chaser

Greenshock Farms, Mendocino

It is rare that a farm will have two strains in my Top 10, but this high-CBD, low-THC (the ratio is 1:1) strain really floats my boat. The buzz isn’t strong, but the high CBD content is great for helping with the aches and pains, and provides a little mental calming when I’ve had a long day. Also, it makes an excellent tincture.