Byron Colborn’s nonet perform Miles Davis’ ‘Birth of the Cool’

Monday, February 24, 7pm, Dante Club, $25

PHOTO courtesy of Reijo Koskinen


Monday, 2/24

Byron Colborn is keeping the cool alive

Dante Club, 7pm, $25

There’s a sentiment that jazz is a dead genre. It had its time from the 1920s through the ’60s, but nowadays people just don’t listen to jazz anymore. Well, there are at least nine people who would disagree. In fact they are all in Byron Colborn’s nonet, and comprise some of the best jazz musicians Sacramento has to offer: Byron Colborn, Levi Saelua, Brandon Au, Stephen Binger Jr., Benwar Shepard Sterling Cozza, Benjamin Kopf and Jim Frink. They’ll be showing up at Dante Club to perform a compilation of jazz from Miles Davis’ Birth of the Cool. 2330 Fair Oaks Blvd.,