Jacquline Hurlbert’s “Balancing Point,” ceramic.

Jacquline Hurlbert’s “Balancing Point,” ceramic.

A new show opened today that has the Exploding Head Gallery, at 924 12th Street, buzzing with energy.

David Limrite’s mixed-media-on-paper “Spirit Drawing 1” is of a woman, eyes closed, dreadlocks wildly extended, with a masculine torso—a side of her body cut sharply with curves and angles recalling Manuel Neri’s female figures of plaster and marble. “Spirit Drawing 2” seems electrically charged: This female has eyes wide open; she’s strong and challenging, with energy swirling around her.

Jacquline Hulbert’s “Balancing Point” is really a crazy kind of clock, with a meditative but jester-like costumed figure centered on a dome-shaped base that’s studded with bright red conical spikes. His loosely hanging legs, with spiral-adorned gumball feet, could serve as pendulums, but the clock’s hands are missing. Beads of rolled-up text adorn Linda Welch’s burlap-covered amorphic figure in “Diagenesis Series,” a busy but amusing commentary on the written word.

The show runs through July 1. For more information, call (916) 442-8424.