Bubble Boy

Rated 2.0 Sweet and goofy Jimmy (October Sky’s Jake Gyllenhaal) was born without immunities so he lives in a germ-free environment under the junk yard dog vigilance of his mother (Swoosie Kurtz). He is befriended by the girl next door (Marley Shelton) who one day announces she is going to Niagara Falls to marry her high school prom date. Jimmy responds by building a mobile protective bubble-suit and races from his California home to confess his love to her before she ties the knot. During the journey, he encounters a parade of stereotypical characters that includes a knife-wielding biker (Danny Trejo), Hindi ice cream man, circus freaks, and a religious cult that are all rigorously insulted and assaulted. Blair Hayes directs the odd mood swings and general chaos.