Breaking News: Dawg Bites 32 California Public Officials

Pay attention to those credit card vouchers, politicians.

Folsom-based judicial and political watchdog David “The Dawg” Palmer has struck again, yesterday filing 32 sworn ethic complaints with the Fair Political Practices Commission against various “public officials in regards to their failure to comply with campaign expense reporting rules/laws. In each instance the respondents failed to provide any explanation of any kind in regards to hundreds of payments to various credit card companies in an aggregate amount of $3 million.”

Three million ain&Rsquo;t chump change, folks. And lest you write off Palmer has some sort of gadfly, understand he’s already raised his leg over public officials in the states of Ohio and Texas to significant effect. They’re still trying to get the stink out. But that’s the thing about corruption. You can smell it, and no one has a stronger sense of that smell than The Dawg.

“In some instances, the respondents failed to include dates for each and every credit card transaction,” Palmer notes in the complaint. “Moreover, some of them failed to disclose the vendor’s name like Visa, Discover, etc. In fact, they merely identified the vendor as Card Services, Bankcard Center, etc.

“These serial violations cannot be viewed as mere happenstance or excusable neglect,” Palmer continues. “In fact, many of the respondent’s are attorneys and/or have been public officials for decades. Of course, ignorance of the law is not a viable defense although in many instances it is a stepping stone to higher office.”

No reply from the 32 state and public officials yet, but hey, it’s early. They are numerous, so keep scrolling down:

Statewide Officeholders/Candidates for Statewide Office
GARAMENDI – Lt. Governor
John Chiang – State Controller
Betty Yee – Board of Equalization
Judy Chu – Chair Board of Equalization

Rep. John Benoit – Rancho Mirage/Palm Desert
Rep. Mervyn Dymally – San Bernadino
Sen. Abel Maldonado – Santa Cruz, Monterey/San Luis Obispo
Rep. Rudy Bermudez – Whittier
Sen. Sheila Kuehl – Beverly Hills, Santa Monica
Rep. Roy Ashburn – Bakersfield
Rep. Alex Padilla – Fremont, Union City
Rep. Anna Caballero – San Benito
Rep. Noreen Evans – Vallejo
Rep. Mark Thomas – LA
Rep. Charles Calderon – Hacienda Heights/LA
Rep. Pedro Nava – Santa Barbara
Rep. Joe Coto – San Jose
Rep. Mary Hayashi – Hayward
Rep. Kevin De Leon – LA
Rep. Dave Cogdill – Fresno
Rep. Jenny Oropeza – LA County
Rep. Paul Koretz – Beverly Hills
Rep. Bill Maze – San Bernardino
Rep. Karen Bass – Culver City
Rep. Alan Lowenthal – Long Beach
Rep. Mike Davis – LA County
Rep. Felipe Fuentes – LA
Rep. Tony Mendoza – LA County
Rep. Richard Alarcon – LA
Rep. Hector De La Torre – Lynwood
Rep. Julia Brownley – Woodland Hills
Rep. Mike Feuer – LA