Boobs, ahoy!

Erik Murray

Photo By Larry Dalton

Would 15 minutes of infamy be just as good? It takes a special kind of ambition to become the purveyor of crudely camcorded mud wrestling and self-exposure on the American River Parkway. Having actually made and distributed an hour-long video (it feels longer) called Sacramento’s American River Gone Fockin’ Crazy!, what does Carmichael’s Erik Murray, of On The Go Productions, have to say for himself?

So, when did you first become interested in muddy boobies?

I always have been interested in muddy boobies. The first time I thought of recording them was the first time I ever went rafting down the American River. People bring all different rafting devices, ice chests full of drinks, alcohol, food and friends and float for about three to six hours. If you have never been, this is something you should at least do once in your life, especially if you live in Sacramento!

Tell me about the history and mission of On the Go Productions.

On The Go came from me always being on the go and productions is because I was making DVDs. Not just the river DVD, but others, as well. On The Go Productions has only been a company for about six months now. The mission behind On The Go Productions is to create 30 DVDs within the next five years. And anything else that comes our way.

Be honest with me: Were the girls going fockin’ crazy before you got there, or did you provoke them?

I will be very honest with you: Yes, the girls were going fockin’ crazy. Everyone was before we came out there. That’s how I got the idea for the DVD in the first place. Some people calmed down a little bit with the tittie shots when the cameras were taping, but for the most part everyone was partying as usual down the river.

Did you really get people to flash your camera just by offering them a free T-shirt?

People were flashing for no reason at all, or for beers, beads or food. The T-shirts were for promotional purposes more than anything. Getting the company name heard and letting people know that we were making the DVD was the main purpose of the T-shirts. The flashing was a bonus!

Some people might accuse you of ripping off Girls Gone Wild. Others might accuse you of exploitation. What do you tell them?

I would tell them that I’m sure Joe Francis was not the first person to come up with the idea to make Girls Gone Wild. He was just the first one to get it done! Just like I have heard that a lot of people might have had this idea and I was the one to get it done first. As for being accused of exploitation, the cameras were never hidden from anyone. I had a crew of people out on the river with T-shirts on fully stating who we were and what we were making out of the footage we got. If they didn’t want to be on the DVD, they were not put on the DVD. Everyone that is [on the DVD] wanted to be.

I read that it took two years to make this DVD. How come?

Since the river is only really cracking when it’s warm, it took two summers to get the footage for the first volume. We also didn’t have too many people helping us make the movie! So if anyone is interested in being on the OTG Productions team next summer for volume two, hit us up.

Um. What’s been your biggest challenge with this project?

The biggest challenge so far has been getting the DVD heard. It is currently in all the Sacramento Dimple locations, as well as Mayhem smoke shop in Carmichael, Star Fashion off of Northgate Boulevard and Northern Cali Fashion in Fair Oaks. The only other real challenge was trying to camera all of the footage. I recorded all of the footage myself and would still have a hard time getting every mud-wrestling fight or tittie shot.

Tell me about what didn’t make it into the movie.

Not too much didn’t make it into this first volume. Of course, we had to edit out dead time or footage that just wasn’t too interesting. But other than that you are getting raw, mostly uncut footage straight from the river.

What’s next for On The Go Productions?

Sacramento’s Rap Battles Volume I is currently in editing to be pressed as a double-disc DVD full of performances, rap battles and freestyles of Sacramento’s local artists. We will also be back on the river in the summer for the making of Sacramento’s American River Gone Fockin’ Crazy! Volume II.

You sure have a lot of luscious babes for Myspace friends. What’s your secret? Free Fockin’ Crazy T-shirts?

Nope, just a friend request.

So, if I don’t endorse the movie but mention it in the paper anyway to lure people in with cheap thrills, are you cool with that?

Any word of mouth is cool with me!