Bobby Jones, Stroke of Genius

Rated 2.0 Actor Jim Caviezel (The Passion of the Christ) kicks off his post-crucifixion career as the legendary amateur golf whiz from Georgia who made headlines as a teen, captivated the world with his graceful swing and Southern charm and outplayed the professional ball whackers of his era. His story is told in one long flashback that illustrates Jones’ passion and talent but never quite gets deep enough under the skin of him or the other primary people in his life to soar as either a human drama or sports spectacle. The triangular relationship between Bobby, his father and his grandfather is the weakest link in a well-intentioned but mostly shallow tribute to an apparently nice guy who was a champion of sorts, both on and off the course, and whose glory days were shortened by the spinal-cord disorder syringomyelia. The film was directed by Rowdy Herrington (Striking Distance and Road House), with several effective cinematic transitions that gently age Jones as he matures from child prodigy to adult icon.