Rated 2.0

If nothing else, Bloodline is almost certainly the first ever horror film whose opening location title sets the action in “North America 1797”. To be more geographically specific, Bloodline was shot in and around the Sacramento area—especially utilizing the Eldorado National Forest—by Roseville native Matt Thompson. He also wrote the film and stars as Brett Ethos, who mourns the many unexplained deaths in his family by immersing himself in “the church,” while his hard-partying friends struggle to bring him out of his shell. It becomes increasingly apparent that Brett's family tree is being systematically slain by an ancient evil presence directly linked to a mysterious cabin in the woods … did someone say “road trip”? Thompson solemnly parades out the horror clichés, but they don't add up to many scares, an issue exacerbated by the grating omnipresence of ham-fisted “comedy relief.”