Blink and you’ll miss it

Had it with feel-good holiday entertainment? There is a more serious alternative available this weekend. It’s a challenging piece about technological monitoring and surveillance, and the lengthy “data trail” each of us leaves in contemporary society. Subplots involve a case of father/son identity theft, and Web cam communications between a woman and her dying mother located on opposite sides of the globe.

The show is called Super Vision, and it’s a collaboration between two New York outfits: The Builders Association, an edgy, Obie Award-winning performance group; and Dbox, a studio of artists, illustrators, photographers and interactive designers. You’ll have to hurry, because there are only three performances, in a venue that may not be familiar.

The production features seven actors on a stage that resembles a computer screen filled with digital imagery. The set draws on a quartet of visual designers, working with technology unseen in locally mounted productions.

Super Vision is a Mondavi Center presentation, but it’s not at the Mondavi Center. The three performances are in the Main Theatre, home of the theater department at UC Davis.