Blazed under the sun

SN&R’s pot columnist shares the best summer activities… when you’re high

illustration by maria ratinova

Ngaio Bealum is a Sacramento comedian, activist, marijuana expert and the author of SN&R’s cannabis column, The 420.

Who says cannabis users are lazy? People that have never tried cannabis, that’s who. One of the best things about weed is that it can make the most mundane activity into something fun. Weed is the umami flavor of doing things. Don’t believe it? Get high and wash the dishes. Case closed.

Weed and a summer’s day go together like beans and rice. Sure, you can enjoy each of them separately, but when you put them together, something magical happens. Add a fun activity, and now you have the perfect collection of sunshine, weed and fun things to do in the Sacramento sun:

Take a walk

You could walk around Midtown, or explore the new Del Paso Heights, er, Old North Sacramento. Get a fancy soda at Burly Beverages to keep the cottonmouth at bay. Have a tasty grilled cheese sandwich at Shift Coffee House (Seriously. Could be the best grilled cheese sandwich in the city). Stare at all the murals. If city walks aren’t your thing: Hit the trails. I love walking around Effie Yeaw Park. My homie J.B. loves to get high and walk along the river so she can look at “the shadows from the leaves in the trees. The reflections of the water on those leaves; and of course, the river itself. Lose yourself in the patterns of the leaves and the ripples of the water. Maybe the birds are singing. Close your eyes and listen, too. Actually put your naked feet in some grass and feel the earth and look around you. Eat blackberries straight off the bush, but make sure they are high enough up that no dog could piss on them.” Aw yeah. That’s good advice even if you don’t smoke weed. I recommend a nice hybrid like Blue Dream or Strawberry Banana Gelato for the mild euphoria and mental clarity.

Go shopping

Not mindless consumerism shopping, but deep dive shopping. Hit the record store and dig through every single crate. A nice indica (Bubba Kush is a good one) will help you microfocus so you can read all the liner notes. Go to Evangeline’s and look for the perfect Halloween costume. Hit your favorite thrift stores until you find the perfect summer outfit. Being high at the farmers market is always fun. They have healthy snacks and handmade soaps. Yee!

Other Things

Hit the Arcade. Coin-op Game Room has tons of pinball, a giant Jenga set and good pizza. A sativa dominant strain like Trainwreck will help your reflexes. “High Score,” indeed.

Try to find the best tacos. Smoke a bunch of Jack Herer (It will give you the munchies) and tour all the taco spots. What’s your favorite? Chando’s? Jimboys? Adalberto’s? Lalo’s? Argue with your friends. Write down some tasting notes. Be fancy.

Clean out your closet. I know it sounds weird, but getting stoned and tidying up is a thing. Try something in the Haze family (Lemon Haze is tasty and effective) and see if you can organize your bookshelves by color. Get your electrical cord box into good shape. Throw out all those old and broken phone chargers. Find your old high school yearbook so your kids can make fun of you.

The Drive In. Drive-in movies are underrated. The West Wind (9616 Oats Drive) is great spot for date night, because no one will shush you if you talk during the boring parts, and you can get high and make out like teenagers. Make sure to bring air freshener so your car doesn’t reek of weed on the ride home (sober because you stopped smoking halfway through the second movie).

Saturday Night Fireworks. If the Rivercats are in town and you find the right spot by the Golden Bridge at the right time (timing is important. No one knows when a baseball game is gonna end), you can see the post-game fireworks. For free. Oooh! Aaaah! Whoa.

You could also go bowling or play frisbee golf or hit the waterslides or even go to the library. Libraries are great when you are stoned because you don’t have to talk to anyone and there’s good people watching and books are awesome. Yay summer!