Blammo at the Goose

You know when you’re all, like, way older than 19 and stuff, but you want to get really stupid and act like you’re still all scribbled on a college weekend? A bunch of us were all like that on Friday.

It was supposed to be the first annual “Blammed on the Bus” night, where the idea was to get all stinko on public transportation and ride around to different bars and stuff, while trying hard not to flash the hash on other people riding the bus.

You ever bus surf? That’s where you stand up when the bus is rounding a corner and shout “Cowabunga!” before blowing a pitcher or two of PBR on that old man who got all grumpy when you yelled “Woowoo!” in his face for, like, the 10th time.

After we lost a few hipsters—who got confused trying to make tinkle at this bear bar, but then the bus took off—we ended up at my new favorite drinkery, the Fox & Goose, which has a whole bunch of different beers. Woowoo!

But by that time, we’d kinda ditched “Woowoo!” and we were all making dog noises like “Arf!” and “Woof!” and “Bow wow wow!” This guy dressed up like Dean Martin said he was “stalking the wild Heathermoto,” but we were all too pie-eyed to figure that one out. “Hey, there’s Bobby Bahama, the policeman’s bestest friend!” he shouted at this Hawaiian-shirt guy on a barstool. Whatever.

Some folksinger guy named Scott McChane was playing, and we were all like yelling, “Sing the Dawson’s Creek theme!” but people were glaring at us and stuff. Then this singer named Rebecca Zapen, who’s, like, from Florida or something, warbled like Astrud Gilberto with a ukulele, and then this new, revamped, orchestral version of Baby Grand came on.

The Dino guy said there used to be a band called Baby Grand from Philadelphia that made one album for Arista Records and then changed its name to the Hooters, and Hooters is like our favorite place for chicken wings and beer. Co-inkydinky! Woowoo!

Anyway, Baby Grand had like 20 people jammed in the corner of the pub, including David Houston and one of the Christynas, and singer Gerri Ranta sounded totally soft and candy sweet, and so did Cory Vick‘s guitar. “He sounds like a more stoned Steve Randall,” some guy said. Whatever.

You know when you’re all, “Um, I musta missed the bus,” and you’re sleeping at the stop, and mean Mr. Black Maria Driver wakes you up to give you a ride downtown? Not woowoo. Totally not woowoo.

On to business: Mark your calendars for Saturday, October 14, when “Remembering Erik Kleven,” a two-venue tribute to the esteemed bassist, who was killed in Rancho Murieta in an auto accident in July, will take place. Starting at 8 p.m., the Fox & Goose will feature Nagual, Lisa Phenix, Blue Moon Boys and Ross Hammond. Old Ironsides (a block away, so you can walk and won’t be tempted to “bus surf") will feature, commencing at 9:30 p.m., Brian Ballentine of Nevada Backwards, David Houston, Larisa Bryski and Anton Barbeau. A $5 cover, earmarked for the Erik Kleven Memorial Fund, will get you into both gigs. Woowoo!