Bigfoot sighting

Kevin Price, <i>Everything Remains the Same</i>,” oil, 2001.

Kevin Price, Everything Remains the Same,” oil, 2001.

For many people making the Second Saturday art walk, the words “skateboard” and “art” don’t come to mind—too populist, perhaps. But the folks at Joe’s Style Shop know there’s a deep California connection between sidewalk surfing and artistic vision. “Sacramento Skateboard Art Show,” utterly utilitarian in its title, brings together works—board graphics, paintings, T-shirt designs—by a number of artists: Bigfoot, Mark Gonzalez, Jeff Landi, Garin Moore, Matt Pailes, Kevin Price, Matt Rodriguez and Shaun Turner; a clay model design for a proposed skate park, by Matt Rodriguez, will also be on display. Joe’s Style Shop is located downtown at 920 J St.; Saturday exhibit hours are 7-11 p.m.