Big country

We didn’t think the day would come. But it did.

And today we can at last claim a president with the mind, temperament and heart to lead America back from the startling abuses and wrong-headed priorities of these past eight years. How did this happen? One thing led to another, until President Barack Obama emerged out of the stew, “the man in 6 billion,” who might succeed at cutting through our country’s—and perhaps the world’s—inability to solve its most pressing problems. (Those would be the global economic meltdown, global warming and an ever-mounting health-care crisis that punishes every American, the poor worst of all.)

Obama as president is no panacea. The man is sure to disappoint many of us on plenty of occasions over the next four years. He wouldn’t be good at his job if he didn’t. And no one individual can move mountains alone.

We can’t wait to see what happens next.

The day came. The country’s priorities are in reset. And anything seems possible.