Best under-the-radar Mexican brunch: Florez Bar and Grill

Best of Sacramento 2013 writer’s pick

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South Land Park has a serious dearth of Mexican restaurants. Florez Bar and Grill's breakfast is not just good for the neighborhood, though, it is good, period. Opening at 7 a.m. every day, Florez, which has been around since 1981, has a big menu and a full bar, including a paloma cocktail made with the requisite Squirt soda, not that artisanal grapefruit foofaraw. The baskets of chips come fast and furious, and the portions are large. If the chip servings aren't enough for you, order the chip-delivery system known as chilaquiles, covered with either verde or rojo sauce. Get chicken on the top for an authentic flair. They also have an entire American breakfast menu if you just can't live without that chicken-fried steak (no judgment; we all have our vices). On a weekend, there might even be a mariachi band singing Journey songs. 5900 S. Land Park Drive, (916) 429-6864,