Best un-American doughnut: Malasadas at Savory Fried Chicken

Best of Sacramento 2013 writers’ pick

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If you hadn't deduced as much from its name, this spot prides itself on its sweet-and-savory fried chicken. But the real reason to make the trek out to Savory Fried Chicken in Elk Grove is the malasadas. These Portugese doughnut-type confections—chewier and more breadlike than their American-style counterparts, and rolled in granulated sugar once they come out of the fryer—are also a staple in Hawaii, but this homey Filipino spot serves them up, too. One order of 10 malasadas is less than five bucks, but for a few extra dollars, you're going to want to order the vanilla ice cream on the side—a pleasantly sticky, cold companion to the warm pastries. You almost can't help but go into goldfish mode once you take the first bite, so it's best to bring a few friends along, lest you look down at your plate and discover you've eaten 10 doughnuts. 9174 Franklin Boulevard in Elk Grove, (916) 395-3905.