Best playground-themed war-veteran tribute: Grand Pup Tent of California Military Order of the Cootie

Best of Sacramento 2013 writer’s pick

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Located under a California fan palm tree inside of Capitol Park, there's a square sign bearing the inscription “Grand Pup Tent of California Military Order of the Cootie.” Part of the California Veterans Memorial, it's just one of dozens of similar stones donated by charitable veterans organizations. According to the California Cooties' website, the Veterans of Foreign Wars' charitable order was named for lice in the trenches of French battlefields during World War I, which “were known to bite the soldiers at just the right time to save the soldier's lives” by making them duck away from incoming shells. Luckily, your visit with the cooties doesn't have to involve post-traumatic stress disorder; just stop by the semicircular stone bench located near N and 14th streets to enjoy some sunshine and pay homage to this country's war veterans.