Best place to marvel at teenage fandom

Ace of Spades

Ace of Spades owners Bret Bair (left) and Eric Rushing.

Ace of Spades owners Bret Bair (left) and Eric Rushing.

Photo by ryan donahue

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Suburbanites often get a bad rap among those in Midtown, but the crowd at Ace of Spades represents a more admirable side of the consequences of sprawl.

The teenage boredom that runs rampant in the suburbs—even in this Internet age—can breed rabid music fandom. And Ace of Spades is perfectly attuned to serve this crowd. It’s an all-ages venue that features a calendar split between typical Juggalo fare, such as Twiztid and (Hed) P.E., and cutting-edge rap, such as Chief Keef and Tyler, the Creator. The enthusiasm shown by the teenyboppers here makes for a refreshing change from the tepid head-bobbing that passes for enthusiasm at most shows on the grid. Oldsters can hang in one of the two bars, which both have excellent sight lines—no pushing or moshing necessary. Best of all, the staff at Ace of Spades actually starts its shows on time, and they’re done by 11 p.m., the perfect time to catch a ride home with Mom or Dad. 1417 R Street, (877) 463-2875,