Best place to get grimy: Grimey dance night at The Press Club

Best of Sacramento 2013 writer’s pick

DJ Whores (nice hat, bud) is boss of bass at dance—night Grimey in Midtown.

DJ Whores (nice hat, bud) is boss of bass at dance—night Grimey in Midtown.

photo by steven chea

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Grimey, duh. DJ Whores—a.k.a. Daniel Osterhoff—created this biweekly dance night three years ago. What is it, exactly? Well, Osterhoff describes it as “future bass.” Or, to be more specific: “It showcases the newest styles and trends in heavy, low-end and electronic dance music.” You don't have to know what the musical genre is called, however, to appreciate the huge bass drops, danceable beats and snatches of rap artfully mixed in. Osterhoff even mixed the classic Ying Yang Twins hit “Whistle While You Twurk” a few weeks back. Every-other Tuesday night at 9 p.m. at The Press Club, Grimey consistently features an impressive roster of guest deejays—some who are nationally or internationally touring artists, and some who are locals from surrounding areas. On any given Grimey night here, there may be spontaneous break-dancing, a local rapper doing a set, a barefoot bride-to-be who's had many too many, a weirdo raver with light-up gloves, and, for sure, a mixed crowd of folks having a good time. If you don't twerk, or even dance at all, just sit back and watch Osterhoff at work, fluidly mixing at incredible speeds. Or buy a pair of light-up gloves and make jazz hands. 2030 P Street,