Best place to feel like a happy-hour princess: Blackbird Kitchen & Bar

Best of Sacramento 2013 writer’s pick

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Arrive during happy hour for a $2 Miller High Life and $5 fish tacos, but stay for upscale entrees and highfalutin cocktails. Here, the food is an adventure of texture, flavor and color, so sensuously transformative you'll be feeling like the princess of happy hour (personal gender ID notwithstanding). Grab an order of the Truffle Tremor cheese, served with honey, fig jam and the terrifyingly delightful crunch of black-pepper sugar glass. Wash it down with a post-prandial Fernet-Branca, or counter it with a can of the ever-cheap and palate-cleansing Olympia Beer. With victuals this good, you can forget moderation. 1015 Ninth Street, (916) 498-9224,