Best place for an awesome bike that actually fits: Ikon Cycles

Best of Sacramento 2013 writer’s pick

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Stop puttering around on the bike trail with that decades-old clunker. You know, the one that makes you look like Harry Henderson on a unicycle? Visit Adrian Moore at Ikon Cycles on J Street, schedule an appointment for a fitting, then have him order you a bike that actually fits. And fits your needs. Trust me, Moore's expertise makes biking in Sacramento more awesome than it already was. Ikon is a tiny Midtown shop, but Moore's one-on-one consultation is unequaled at any big ol' bike shop—and he flat-out doesn't pressure you to buy a bike. Bonus! Yet you'll want to purchase one—whether it's a racing Fuji or a chill city one-speed—because owning a nice bike that's not too small or doesn't get a flat every two weeks is worth all the gas money you'll be saving times 100. 2318 J Street, (916) 441-1122,